Live-in Nanny/Aupairs

i4 partners with Restless and JCR Australia

Whether you are a qualified nanny or you’ve just got tonnes of babysitting experience, there are plenty of wonderful families in the UK waiting to offer you a home and well paying job too!

All of JCR’s positions are secured BEFORE you arrive in the UK. All interviews are conducted by phone prior to you leaving with our pre-qualified families, simple!

It can be hard work arriving in the UK without a job or place to live, and to be so far from home and family can also be very daunting. Working as a nanny or a mother’s help gives you amazing international experience to add to your CV, excellent earning potential and a home rather than a crowded share house or dodgy flat!

The demand for nannies and home help in the UK is high, and there is plenty of work available.

Our partners Restless World have chosen to partner with JCR Australia because they have extensive experience placing nannies, au pairs and mother’s help in the UK.

If you have professional qualifications that’s great, but previous babysitting experience is also enough to get you an entry level position.

JCR Australia even offer an online Au Pair Training Course if you want to upgrade your skills.

Perfect candidate qualities include:

• Completion of Grade 10 School Certificate
• Completion of childminding or Aupair certificate through the on-line JCR Aupair course
• Must have: A Youth Mobility Visa, UK Ancestry Visa or a EU passport
• Preference is given to non smokers and applicants who have a manual driving licence.
• All positions are live in.

If all requirements are met and there is no other reason (eg: health or criminal) then we can guarantee a placement.

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Job Types available on the program include:

Aupair or Aupair Plus
• No formal training but should have some babysitting experience.
• Work 25-35 hours per week.
• Babysit 2 - 3 evenings per week
• Duties include light housework and helping with childcare.
• Must be able to drive, preferably a manual car.
• 2 days free per week.
• Earn between ࠦ#8211;120 per week live in depending on age, experience and number of hours worked.

Mother’s Help - Most common placement
• Earn between ⵠand ఠnet per week, live in
• Work for 45-50 hours per week.
• No formal training required but must have at least 200 hours childcare experience as often there is an element of sole charge childcare.
• Childcare and light housework which could include, shopping, dusting, vacuuming, ironing.
• Baby sit for 2/3 evenings per week.
• Be a non smoker
• Must be able to drive, preferably manual

Select families will provide half the cost of airfare either by assistance to pay towards the cost of the ticket at the time of purchase or as a re-imbursement when arriving in the UK. The balance of the cost of the ticket will be paid as a completion bonus at the end of the 12 month contract.

• Earn between ⵠand 絠net per week, live in
• Must have formal childcare training up to diploma level. Required: Have a nursery or pre-school teacher’s qualification OR have a minimum of two years of verifiable experience as a live-in care giver with infants and toddlers and are aged at least 19 years old OR be experienced in childcare as a group leader, teacher or nurse.
• You must be familiar with all aspects of childcare and have had some professional childcare experience.
• Long hours, about 55+ per week as sole-charge responsibility for the children.
• Duties will include doing everything for the children such as cooking, bedrooms, laundry etc.
• Be a non smoker
• Must be able to drive, preferably manual

The Program Fee includes a $200 Commitment Fee, payable up-front, and a placement fee once you have secured the job.

About JCR:
JCR Secures Working Holiday Programs for Aupairs and Nannies. They are a highly qualified business with a network of exclusive and trustworthy associate organisations that they have been working with for many, many years. They also give possible candidates the opportunity to complete an aupair, childcare, fully online course if they wish to obtain extra experience.

If you would like further information or to book a place on the program please call fill in the enquiry form below:

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